1Do you have your own product in the market, because we are interested in the distributorship of your product?
We manufacture all types of cosmetics like skin care hair, care, etc. with other's brand name in a way we do contract manufacturing in the brand name of others. We also do private labeling, but we do not have any brand name of our own hence we cannot offer you any distributorship. However if you are interested we can manufacture under your brand name or we can suggest you to contact one of our existing clients we are manufacturing for.
2Please let us know what are the products you manufacture?
We manufacture all types of shampoos, creams, lotions, hair dyes, hair colours, henna based products, bleaches, astringent, toner and a range of various cosmetics. Please see list of hair color (link), ayurvedic (link) and pharmaceutical (link) cosmetics. Feel free to contact us(link) if you did mot find you product in list.
3Have you already manufactured products for some other clients, please let us know?
Yes, we have already manufactured cosmetics products for plenty of customers, many are well-known brands in India and abroad. We could not disclose the names of our customers as per our agreement and business ethics. Please see testimonials (link) from our clients which give their permission to disclose their names.
4Have you manufactured any products for first world countries like USA, Europe, Japan etc?
Yes, we are manufacturing cosmetics products on exclusive contract basis for United States, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea companies.
5Please let me know what is the minimum quantity we can order?
For pilot level: • For Liquid/Lotion Like Shampoo Etc., The Minimum Quantity In Our Pilot Plant Is 200kg Or Roughly 1000 Bottles Of 200 Ml. • For Creams, The Minimum Quantity Can Be Manufactured In Our Pilot Plant Is 100kg Or 1000 Jar, Tubes Of 100grams. • For Powder, Like Powder Hair Dye Or Other Powder Products, The Minimum Quantity Is 100kg Or Roughly 1000 Pieces Of 100 Grams. For production level: Minimum Quantity For Liquid Shampoos 2000kg, For Creams 500kg And For Powder 500kg.
6Can you give us samples for trial?
Yes, we can deliver the samples for trial purposes (on payment basis). Further, if you need we can prepare small batches in the laboratory sufficient to test on 50 to 100 person (i.e roughly 100 pieces of each) of your choice of products. Samples: Due to the high volume of samples requests we regret that we no longer ship samples for free, the samples cost will be deducted from your first $2000 order or over (samples should not exceed $100), to order samples, please e-mail us. To get the prices (samples are only available for wholesalers who provide business name, address, business phone number)
7Can we purchase the samples?
Yes you can purchase the samples for Rs. 50/- per product, per sample and Rs. 100/- for packing and delivery charges in India. For overseas, sample charges are US $2 per product per sample and US $20 as packing delivery & forwarding charges.
8What is your quality assessment norms?
All the raw material are tested before coming into production. Products are assessed for quality during manufacturing (in process control). Finally the finished product is tested with respect to bis specification & our in-house performance test specifications. This product is also tested by an other outside laboratory (duly Govt. approved testing Co.) for quality control. GMP Maintains.
9How do you maintain confidentiality of my formula?
We are ready to sign secrecy agreement, further we maintain the decoding system during manufacturing and hence there is no chance of leakage.
10What is your brand name?
We do not have any brand and we do not sell directly in the market. Hence we will never be competitors to anyone.
11Where is your factory located?
Factory is strategically located with proximity to Mother-nature covered with dense forests in Himalayan hills at Shogi, Shimla.
12What are benifits your factory availing?
Yes, our factory exists in Tax assumption area where in: • Local Sales Tax Is Nil • Central Excise Is Exempted & Nil. • Central Sale Tax Is Just 1%, Instead Of 4%
13How long your Institute is operating?
The parent company is FDRA labs India (P) Ltd., which was started in 1976. However Indus Cosmeceuticals started as an independent organization in 2002.
14Do you have price list?
We make the products on custom basis. Different people need different quality of products and different type of packaging hence arriving at price list is a difficult process. We wish to understand your requirement and manufacture accordingly. However we can give you an indicative price.
15Can you make the product with my price target?
Yes, we can make it. Will you provide the products in bulk? For export we can provide in bulk, but for Indian market you will get in finished packs only. For Indian customers we can provide base materials in bulk packing.
16Can I use my brand name on the product manufactured in your factory?
Yes, you can get your products manufactured under your brand name.
17Where my company name will appear on label?
Your company name will come as a marketing company on label and it will be marketed by your company's name and address.
18Will you manufacture the products for anybody else with my formula?
No, we get everybody formula approved by drug controller hence everyone has different formulation.
19Will you design the packaging for me?
Yes, we have in-house designing facility and we can design label, poster etc. for you.
20Do you manufacture ayurvedic cosmetics?
Yes, we manufacture cosmetic using ayurvedic herbs. These herbs are approved by respected bodies under Eco Cert, USDA Organic, India Oganic and One Cert.
21How much investment is required if I want to launch product as a marketing company?
Roughly Rs. 1 lakh (USD 2500) is required for first trial of order manufactured in pilot level.
22Whether your complete address as a manufacturer can be avoided on the label?
For export, yes it can be avoided, only our company code No. is needed. Where as for Indian market it cannot be avoided. For Indian market, we will not put our Phone nos. and other details so that enquiries will directly reach to you.