In an ever-changing world, where trends come and go, it takes a lot to stay competitive. It takes knowledge and resources, flexibility and strength, vision and discipline. It takes clear vision, global perspective and substantial resources to turn innovative concepts into products that reach targeted consumers and create competitive advantage for your brand.

Our skilled expert staff at INDUS COSMECEUTICALS is capable to meet all your needs and expectations in private labelling manufacturing to suit your individual specifications.

Among contract manufacturers Indus Cosmeceuticals is more poised than any to serve the demands of the market. By linking our commands of chemistry and manufacturing to a thorough understanding of the markets we serve, we help customers seize opportunities, build brands and grow profits.

INDUS COSMECEUTICALS is the name behind many prestigious brands of skin, body & hair care as well as hair colour in the market.

We understand the global cosmetic market in all it dimensions – sensory, aesthetic, scientific, and economic. We can help your company capture full value from each new concept. Working from brand strategy, we can tailor product attributes to create a substantive basis for consumer loyalty to both the product and the brand.